Luke Edward Hall

The Rug Company

The Rug Company, founded in 1997, is the leading purveyor of luxury handmade rugs and accessories woven from wool. The company combines the ancient craft of rug making with the creative brilliance of some of today’s most talented designers.

In the spring of 2019 Luke launched a capsule collection of crewelwork cushions and wool Aubusson wallhangings with The Rug Company. Featuring bold animal depictions, the whimsical cushion designs were based on sketches pinned to the walls in Luke's studio. The wallhangings take their cues from historical and fictional characters dreamed up by Luke.

'I was reading a biography of an artist whilst working on the collection and a portrait jumped out at me from the pages – it was of a very elegant woman called Alathea, taken in the 1920s.'

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